Search, Collaborate, & Integrate

We’re busy building a powerful marketplace platform for industries that rely on distribution channels.  Now all parties can search thousands of products, collaborate online with customers, and integrate seamlessly with existing systems.


Products That Power Your Business

Searching for products with HatterasMarket is fast.   Really, really fast.  Our crazy powerful search technology makes it easy to find the right products from your favorite industry-leading suppliers.  HatterasMarket showcases thousands of products with rich images, accurate up-to-date pricing, and inventory availability.


Empower Customers Online

Finally, you can offer customers what they really want:  online access to rich product information and the ability to easily review, modify, and approve quotes on their own time – from any device – without the frustration of back-and-forth email and telephone calls.


Making It All Work Together

Tired of software that isn’t compatible, forcing you to re-key, cut-and-paste, stand on your head and basically reinvent the wheel? HatterasMarket plays nice with others in the sandbox, automatically linking to your existing systems saving you a ton of time and money.


HatterasMarket provides an easy-to-use set of tools that integrates into your existing sales workflow.

Key Features

time is money

HatterasMarket makes the selling process simpler, easier, & faster so you can be more successful.

free search. forever.

Still paying a monthly fee just to search & quote your favorite products to customers?  Really?

always accurate

HatterasMarket delivers information in real-time so prices & inventory levels are always up-to-date.

company stores

HatterasMarket makes it a breeze to load products and generate eCommerce sales with online company stores.

from any device

Windows or Mac? Laptop, tablet or smartphone?  OK. HatterasMarket runs seamlessly across all your devices.

in the cloud

Rain or shine, HatterasMarket works seamlessly, securely, and is always available – 24×7.